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Benefit Advisors Network Unveils Health Care Reform Estimator

CLEVELAND, OH (10/26/12) --- Benefit Advisors Network (BAN) – a national network of progressive and independent employee benefit firms – has created a consultative tool for helping its clients to quantify the financial impact of health care reform.  Its Affordable Care Act (ACA) Pay or Play Estimator measures and compares their current plan versus the cost of the Exchanges and delivers a realistic estimate for both the employer and the employee.  BAN members are able to help their employee benefits clients understand the impact from the ACA and strategically plan for the long-term.

According to BAN Executive Director Perry Braun, “BAN’s ACA Estimator enables BAN member firms – widely regarded as the ‘best of the best’ in the employee benefits industry – to provide financial modeling that is adjusted for inflation, employee turnover, and delivers the answers in 2014 dollars.  Employers are empowered to project health plan costs that take into account mandates, penalties, taxes, and other considerations that could prove costly.”

The Estimator goes beyond simply spitting out standard mathematical calculations with fancy graphs that are void of substantive answers.  The BAN ACA Estimator is designed specifically to be used by knowledgeable consultants who can explain the deeper nuances and hidden costs associated with Affordable Care Act. 

“BAN’s ACA Estimator meets, and we believe beats, other HCR tools primarily because it is designed to be used in consultation with a representative of a BAN member firm.  They will use it to help clients evaluate various scenarios, determine what to do to ensure that their plans are compliant, financially viable, and meet their long-term, strategic goals,” says LouAnne Drenckhahn of the David Martin Agency who led the development of the ACA Estimator.

According to Drenckhahn, the Employee Impact feature allows employers to see costs to both the organization and its employees.  They need that information to be able to make a realistic decision to maintain a benefits program or to opt out.  This “pay-or-play” feature factors in criteria such as dependent costs, employee age, employee turn over, benefits eligibility, State Medicaid eligibility, etc.  The Estimator helps employers to more fully understand their options and the associated costs.

The BAN Estimator was developed as collaborative effort led by LouAnne Drenckhahn of the David Martin Agency and members of BAN’s Compliance Committee and BAN’s Compliance Directors, Peter Marathas and Stacy Barrow of Marathas, Barrow & Weatherhead LLP.  As such, the Estimator represents “a perfect marriage of product and intellect,” says Braun.

BAN intentionally limits membership within a given geographic market, and all members share a contractual arrangement that is the keystone to their collaboration. Without the worry of competition, this model creates a true peer community of highly skilled and innovative firms, promoting and enabling a level of best practices sharing and collaborative interaction that is simply unavailable at any other organization.

About Benefit Advisors Network

Founded in 2002 by five agencies, BAN is an exclusive, premier, national network of independent, employee benefit brokerage and consulting companies. BAN delivers industry leading tools, technology, and expertise to member firms so that they can deliver optimum results to their employee benefit customers.BAN’s members, known as Smart Partners partly because of their highly collaborative interactions, are screened prior to being granted membership to ensure they distinguish themselves from their competitors through their knowledge of the industry, ethical approach, business acumen, and strategic vision.

To preserve and enhance the intimate level of sharing between the Smart Partners, BAN turns away more candidate agencies than it accepts, ensuring that members are peers with the most progressive and innovative employee benefit consultants and brokers from across the country.

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For information about how to become a Smart Partners, contact Steve Yarcusko at 440-338-3558 or Director Deane Elek at 440-528-0303