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Human Resources Compliance and Wellness

When the responsibility for ensuring compliance for the benefits, wellness and status of your workforce is on your shoulders, you need credible and reliable information you can trust to help you make informed decisions. You can feel confident in the expertise and breadth of knowledge that Membership in BAN provides. A community of insurance practitioners, a world of knowledge.

Your fellow human resource executives have come to rely on the group of Benefit Advisors Network agencies in their states to provide counsel, guidance and tips to navigating the murky waters of healthcare reform and recently passed compliance mandates. Need to brush up on Play or Pay? Curious about the impact on your workforce with the reduction in weekly work hours required to meet compliance? Join and participate in our monthly webinar series on group health insurance, hr compliance and the Department of Labor (DOL) in order to stay in the know about these critical workforce measures. Join our community and learn through our forum discussions which topics you should be focusing on. We’re here to help.