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Benefit Advisors Network Welcomes Peel & Holland to National Organization Benefits Brokerage Network Gearing Up for Substantial Growth in 2012

CLEVELAND, OH (10/26/11) --- Peel & Holland, Inc., based in Benton, KY, is the newest agency to become a member of Benefit Advisors Network (BAN), the premier national network of employee benefit brokerage and consulting firms. Joining 42 nationwide members, Peel & Holland can now offer their clients resources available only to larger broker firms such as Compliance and Pharmacy Directors, as well as access to products and services for specialty markets.

"We are very excited to have a firm like Peel & Holland join Benefit Advisors Network," said Perry Braun, Executive Director. "Our goals are aligned in that they want to grow toward the large group market by developing forward-thinking strategies which are similar to the goals of the current membership. BAN's plans for 2012 include recruiting more members who are ready to provide their clients with unique products and services specially created for their needs."

Peel & Holland is an insurance, employee benefits and risk consulting firm serving clients in 21 states including Kentucky, West Tennessee, Southern Illinois and Southeast Missouri since 1924. Built on the principles of innovative risk management and insurance solutions for their clients, Peel & Holland develops and implements custom, proactive solutions to address the risks faced by their clients. A forward-thinking company, Peel & Holland focuses on driving growth through team performance and maximizing technology.

“We are focusing on becoming increasingly strategic in our approach to risk management and benefits and developing in our role as an advisor,” said Greg Carlton, Sr. Vice President, Employee Benefits & Wellness. “We believe that our membership in Benefit Advisors Network will help us achieve our strategic goals, complement our existing client relationships, and help us move into the larger group space that we are aiming for.”

About Benefit Advisors Network

Founded in 2002 by five agencies, BAN is an exclusive, premier, national network of independent, employee benefit brokerage and consulting companies. They deliver industry leading tools, technology, and expertise to member firms so that they can deliver optimum results to their employee benefit customers.  BAN’s members, known as Smart Partners partly because of their highly collaborative interactions, are screened prior to being granted membership to ensure they distinguish themselves from their competitors through their knowledge of the industry, their ethical approach, their business acumen, and their strategic vision. 

To preserve and enhance the intimate level of sharing between the Smart Partners, BAN turns away more candidates than they accept, ensuring that its members are peers with the most progressive and innovative employee benefit consultants and brokers from throughout the entire country.

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For information about how to become a Smart Partners, please contact Steve Yarcusko at 440-338-3558 or or Deane Elek at 440-528-0303