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Control Costs

A Smart Partner is best equipped to help you control your health care costs

With access to a full suite of Population Health Management and Worksite Wellness programs, your benefit advisor is in a position to help you strategically address the health of your population – the largest single factor driving your health care costs.

Our Pharmacy Director has the ability to assist your Smart Partner with the development of your Rx strategy and vendor negotiation. 

The size of Benefit Advisors Network's aggregate business places your Smart Partner in the driver's seat when it comes to dealing with a growing number of national carriers.  Preferred pricing, exclusive plans and products and direct access to underwriters allows your Smart Partner to negotiate most effectively on your behalf - cutting through the red tape. 

Your Smart Partner is able to help you gain one of the most important advantages of all the cost challenges facing you and your company - KNOWLEDGE. Through Benefit Advisors Network's strategic relationship with Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI), your Smart Partner has access to IBI's powerful "Lost Productivity Calculator" to help you establish the business value of health.