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Stay Compliant

Smart Partners stay on top of regulatory changes - and help you stay current & compliant

Popular monthly compliance webinars and a Compliance Director on retainer work to your benefit. Smart Partners are constantly updated about changes in the law with timely notices and alerts from international law firm Marathas, Barrow & Weatherhead LLP. A team of the country's leading ERISA attorneys is continually identifying and interpreting developments that will impact you, the client.

Through direct access to Benefit Advisors Network's Compliance Director, nationally recognized ERISA attorney Peter Marathas, Esq., and using the unique Dialogue Forums, Smart Partners are able to post questions and receive guidance, model documents and forms to help clients meet the complex requirements of benefits law. Your local Smart Partner is able to get answers to complex legal questions - in hours or minutes, not days.

More importantly, for you, your Smart Partner has the tools to get you compliant and keep you up to date as things change. Through the Inform on Reform© program your Smart Partner will send you recent developments in Heath Care Reform. Well-attended monthly webinars cover topics across the compliance spectrum, from ARRA to COBRA, HIPAA to Wellness Programs. Your Smart Partner also has access to a comprehensive library of HR and Benefits information through HR & Benefit Essentials and an exclusive Compliance Checklist developed for Benefit Advisors Network, to ensure your bases are covered.

Use our BAN Member Map to contact your local Smart Partner and gain access to tools helping you stay compliant through the many changes in our new health care reform environment, or contact Benefit Advisors Network to be put in touch with a firm in your area.