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Actuarial & Reinsurance

Our Actuarial & Reinsurance group excels at solving puzzles, finding solutions, building products, and developing strategies that align well with an employer’s vision, style and skill set. We provide realistic and creative solutions to help business owners prepare for and mitigate the financial risks associated with undesirable incidents in the future. Specifically, we help employers with rate making, risk analysis, retiree healthcare, stop loss placement support, experience analysis, budget development, feasibility studies and PBM analysis.

John Marshall - Actuarial Services for BAN Smart PartnersJohn is an experienced pension and health consulting Actuary. He works with clients on a variety of projects including pharmacy benefits as well as having significant experience in FASB and GASB valuations for post-employment benefits other than pension.




Pat Campola - Reinsurance Services for BAN Smart PartnersBio coming soon.

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