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Over 100 FTEs and Planning on Being Subject to “Pay-or-Play” in 2015? Count Again!

Legal & Compliance Department Blog
Over 100 FTEs and Planning on Being Subject to “Pay-or-Play” in 2015? Count Again!

Before an employer that is within shouting distance of 100 FTEs decides it must offer insurance in 2015 to avoid the pay-or-play penalties, it should do some math, particularly if it employs a significant number of part-time employees. Because of the permitted reduction in the number of full-time employees counted for purposes of the ”no insurance offered” penalty, the employer might find that, even if it doesn’t offer insurance, it might just avoid pay-or-play penalties in 2015 nevertheless.

Liazon Welcomes Humana to the Bright Choices Exchange

Private Exchanges & Defined Contribution Strategies
Humana’s Commercial Portfolio of Products to Be Featured in Markets Across the Country

For Benefit Advisors Network smart partners, and their clients, this announcement means an expansion of the Bright Choices Exchange already offered them through their partnership with a BAN employee benefits agency. As BAN announced in "Benefit Advisors Network Announces Private Exchange Partnership," Benefit Advisors Network employee benefits agencies have been offering the Liazon private exchange to their clients since the end of August, 2013. To find out how you can incorporate the BAN private exchange solution into your defined contribution strategy use our BAN Member Directory to locate your nearest BAN agency.

Is Mammographic Screening Effective?

Wellness & Population Health Management
Is Mammographic Screening Effective?

In my role as Chief, Health and Informatics Services for the smart partners of Benefit Advisors Network, I’d suggest that employee benefits consultants responsible for planning and implementing wellness programs and monitoring gaps in care for screening mammography should be aware of some background information and criticisms of the study.

Why More Midsize Companies are Considering Self-Insurance

Captive Insurance Blog
Keeping You Up to Date on Why and How to Use Captives

In USA Today article "Health Law May Hit Midsize Business Hardest," Staff Writer Jayne O'Donnell outlines why midsize businesses, are having the most difficult time adapting to health care reform legislation. From our experience in the Captives Department at the Benefit Advisors Network (BAN), these self insured companies will enjoy more benefits when they become participants in the Mid Market Med Program (a Group Captive facilitated through the Captives Department).


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