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Advanced Benefit Advisors Joins Premier National Network of Employee Benefit Firms

CLEVELAND, OH (5/29/12) --- Cherry Hill, NJ-based employee benefits firm Advanced Benefit Advisors, Inc. (ABA) has been named a member of Benefit Advisors Network (BAN). BAN is recognized nationally as an organization of progressive, independent employee benefit brokerage and consulting firms.

Founded in 2005 by insurance industry veterans Robert Petcove and Jill Goldstone, ABA is an employee benefits consulting firm dedicated to maximizing its clients’ benefits investment. ABA is known for its turnkey human resource, employee and strategic services, all of which are custom-designed to increase employee satisfaction and keep costs in line.

“Membership in BAN will give ABA and its clients access to best practices, subject matter experts, compliance programs, and relationships which typically are not available to anyone except the largest national benefits firms,” says Petcove, President & CEO of ABA.

“BAN provides its member firms – known as Smart Partners  – with a wide range of world-class resources, including preferred pricing arrangements, collective service sharing, and direct access to underwriters,” explains BAN Executive Director, Perry Braun.

“Just as important, our Smart Partners represent the ‘best of the best’ benefits brokers in their respective markets – collaborating and sharing industry experience and knowledge with fellow members - helping them deliver the best results for their employee benefits customers,” Braun continues. “BAN intentionally limits membership and seeks to create a true peer community of highly skilled and innovative firms – promoting member collaboration and enabling a level of best practices sharing and support that is simply unavailable at any other organization.”  

To become a BAN Smart Partner, ABA had to go through a stringent screening process that included interviews with BAN members and its Board, as well as an examination of the firm’s business ethics, industry knowledge, and commitment to providing the highest quality services.

“ABA met and exceeded all of our standards. We learned, ABA’s employee benefits clients receive the best of both worlds: proven solutions tailored to each client’s needs, backed by a ‘we’re-in-this-together’ approach,” notes Braun.

ABA currently manages benefits for businesses ranging in size from 100-20,000 employees. While the company is based in the Greater Philadelphia area, its clients are national in scope and located throughout the U.S.

About Benefit Advisors Network

Founded in 2002 by five agencies, BAN is an exclusive, premier, national network of independent, employee benefit brokerage and consulting companies. BAN delivers industry leading tools, technology, and expertise to member firms so that they can deliver optimum results to their employee benefit customers.BAN’s members, known as Smart Partners partly because of their highly collaborative interactions, are screened prior to being granted membership to ensure they distinguish themselves from their competitors through their knowledge of the industry, ethical approach, business acumen, and strategic vision.

To preserve and enhance the intimate level of sharing between the Smart Partners, BAN turns away more candidates than it accept, ensuring that members are peers with the most progressive and innovative employee benefit consultants and brokers from throughout the country.

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For information about how to become a Smart Partners, contact Steve Yarcusko at 440-338-3558 or Deane Elek at 440-528-0303