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Private Exchanges

Scott Stauffer, Director for the Benefit Advisors Network Private Exchange Department, has over 25 years of healthcare and employee benefits experience and is Vice President, Group Operations at the C.M. Smith Agency, Inc.  Scott's experience in strategy and design of Private Exchanges lends itself to leading the rollout of BAN's Private Exchange product. Prior to joining C.M. Smith, Scott was Vice President of Aetna's National Accounts Business Innovation organization. In that role he was responsible for identifying new, revenue-generating business distribution, product, and strategic partnership opportunities for the National Accounts business segment. 

Could Private Exchanges Provide Cadillac Tax Relief?

Private Exchanges & Defined Contribution Strategies
Using a Private Exchange to Avoid Paying the Cadillac Tax

Employers worried about the "Cadillac Tax," or an excise tax being imposed on employers in 2018 as a result of the Affordable Care Act, may want to consider implementing a private exchange solution sooner rather than later. The Cadillac Tax is a 40% excise tax to be imposed on health insurance benefits exceeding a certain threshold.

Liazon Welcomes Humana to the Bright Choices Exchange

Private Exchanges & Defined Contribution Strategies
Humana’s Commercial Portfolio of Products to Be Featured in Markets Across the Country

For Benefit Advisors Network smart partners, and their clients, this announcement means an expansion of the Bright Choices Exchange already offered them through their partnership with a BAN employee benefits agency. As BAN announced in "Benefit Advisors Network Announces Private Exchange Partnership," Benefit Advisors Network employee benefits agencies have been offering the Liazon private exchange to their clients since the end of August, 2013. To find out how you can incorporate the BAN private exchange solution into your defined contribution strategy use our BAN Member Directory to locate your nearest BAN agency.

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