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Captives 360 — Explore Alternative Insurance Options & Manage Risk with Captives

Our Captive team helps you BREAK AWAY from the uncertainties and expenses of the commercial insurance marketplace.
Our insurance professionals have the industry expertise to confront any insurance obstacle. We serve the needs of employers, striving to save them time and money by assessing their risk appropriately. Specifically, we design, implement and manage alternative market insurance solutions — like Captive Insurance Programs. Essentially, Captives are a risk-financing method or form of self-insurance involving the establishment of reinsurance programs to write insurance for predictable risks such as workers’ compensation or malpractice claims.
  • Develop and design customized insurance solutions
  • Actively manage captives
  • Provide reinsurance policies to cover claims
  • Minimize employers’ insurance costs and improve cash flow
  • Help business owners retain underwriting profits and investment income

Locate your Benefit Advisor Network office with our member direcory, or contact BAN to learn more about the advantages of our Captive Insurance programs and services.