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Variable Hour Tracking & Reporting Tool

Ensuring ERISA & Affordable Care Act (ACA) Compliance with Smart Compliance

Take advantage of the compliance tools your smart partners have to offer in a single sign-on, cloud-based portal with smart compliance. Manage your Compliance Calendar with Audit Checklists, comprehensive Compliance Guides, Secure Document Storage and Tools & Calculators to track and report on ACA requirements.

smart compliance features the Variable Hour Tracking & Reporting tool to minimize Employer Shared Responsibility risk by providing real-time monitoring, reporting and critical documentation your team needs to make strategic decisions.

Smart Compliance: Variable Hour Tracking & Reporting Tool

Variable Hour Tracking - Smart Compliance

Advantages Include:

  • Simplify reporting by first establishing Measurement, Administrative & Stability Periods for current and new variable hour employees
  • Track employee hours worked during designated time periods and manage the status of your variable hour employees according to your projections
  • Avoid penalties with real-time data needed to determine which employees reach Full-Time status and must be offered “minimum essential” coverage
  • Generate necessary documentation required by the Affordable Care Act in a format easily exported into a Microsoft Excel report
  • Applicable Large Employers can easily produce annual IRS reports to comply with IRS codes § 6055 and § 6056 requirements

Visit our smart compliance page to learn more about the smart compliance solution, a single sign-on, cloud-based portal to help you and your organization be prepared for a DOL audit by first attaining and then maintaining compliance with ERISA regulations and the Affordable Care Act tax provisions.