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IT Security in the Workforce

It's not just about employee and customer information, it’s also the employer data and intellectual property data businesses have everywhere, from documents to email to cloud storage to accounting, attacks could cripple small businesses.

Focus on:

1. Multifactor Authentication

2. Security Audits and Experts

3. Cloud and Premise Security

4. Everyone’s Job

5. Email and Browsing

Takeaways include a checklist of IT Security Do's and Don'ts

This webinar is eligible for SHRM, HRCI, and CEBS credits.

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT

: ITS725

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Matt Jones

Matt Jones - World Synergy

Whatever the question, “No problem” is always Matt’s answer. He is a calm voice in the storm, solving your most complex technical problems, and he does it with a smile.

Matt enjoys helping people and treats every project as an artist treats his craft. A logical thinker and excellent problem-solver, Matt’s expertise lays in finding and building solutions to better and simplify even the most complex processes. Whether he is redesigning a rack or improving a business partner’s experience, Matt makes each person or place a little better.

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