Most employers use employment agreements when they bring new employees on board. The employee agreement is absolutely the most important document in the life cycle of the employment relationship. An effective employment agreement can accurately frame the relationship, expectations, remuneration, and limit exposure for both parties. However, an agreement that is not well written or is lacking important details, can have an alternative damaging result for employers.  This webinar will guide you through the HR pitfalls and ensure you have the necessary knowledge to safely navigate around the details of the employment contract. 

We will cover:
•    The importance of the employment agreement
•    The key items that should be included in an effective employment agreement, and
•    Recognizing the danger in employment agreements; restrictive covenants

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Speaker: Darcy Michaud

Darcy Michaud is a dedicated and successful human resource professional, a career spanning over 20 years. A Masters graduate from the University of Western Ontario, Darcy also holds his Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) designation.

Darcy served as Director of Human Resources for the County of Huron, and also served on multiple municipal and provincial boards in an expert capacity. From there, Darcy acted as the Senior Advisor and Consultant for the largest HR consulting firms in Canada, before using his own expertise to start his own company HRprimed Inc.