Benefit Advisors Network (BAN), a national network of independent employee benefit firms, is pleased to announce that it has created a strategic partnership with Nectar, a 360-employee recognition and rewards platform that enables organizations to celebrate and spotlight great work, anytime, anywhere.

Under the terms of the new partnership, BAN’s 120+ member firms nationwide can provide Nectar’s platform at an exclusive rate to their employer groups.

“An organization’s most important assets are their people, yet two-thirds of employees feel underappreciated and undervalued at work. These feelings can have serious, negative consequences on a business, including reduced productivity and increased turnover,” says Trevor Larson, Co-Founder and CEO of Nectar. “As a result, recognition tools are becoming an important component of the HR toolkit.”

Continues Larson, “Our partnership with BAN will accelerate our mission to close this recognition gap by equipping more employers with the tools to offer timely, meaningful, and frequent recognition. We look forward to being a part of the Benefit Advisors Network organization as a long-term partner.”

The ability to attract and retain quality employees is vital for a productive culture. Recognition by management and peers creates a culture of engagement supporting the emotional and social wellbeing of the employee and therefore the employer. For HR, Nectar’s analytics provide metrics to support the person-to-person as well as the team-to-team collaboration.

Nectar strives to provide simple, cost-effective means for workforces to maintain culture and boost morale through a variety of mechanisms, including social recognition, rewards, and employee perks.

“Our industry understands the extreme challenges employers are under, particularly in light of the past year as a result of COVID-19. BAN is continuously looking for the right partners and tools that will remove or ease burdens our member’s employer clients throughout the country are facing,” says Perry Braun, Executive Director of the Benefit Advisors Network.

Continues Braun, “We have done our due diligence and are thrilled to have found a highly reputable partner who will bring so much value to our members, and their clients.”

The addition of Nectar’s partnership further supports BAN’s network, where member agencies work as peers to pool their experience, industry knowledge, and data in order to streamline and maximize the growth of their businesses.

About BAN
Founded in 2002, BAN is an exclusive, premier, national network of independent, employee benefit brokerage and consulting companies. BAN delivers industry leading tools, technology, and expertise to member firms so that they can deliver optimum results to their employee benefit customers. BAN intentionally limits membership because of the highly collaborative interactions. For more information, visit the Company’s website at

About Nectar
Founded in 2016, Nectar is an employee recognition and engagement platform built for SMB and Mid-market organizations. Nectar is an award-winning solution that enables companies to build a culture of connection and appreciation through a centralized approach to social recognition and rewards. For more information, visit the Company’s website at