Join Nicole Quinn-Gato for an overview of HIPAA’s Privacy and Security Rules. During this webinar, Nicole will review the different types of entities subject to HIPAA, take an in-depth look at Protected Health Information (PHI), individual rights under HIPAA, and what to do when there is a breach of PHI.

Key takeaways include:

  1. Understanding which entities and types of plans are subject to HIPAA’s Privacy rule
  2. Understanding which information is protected under HIPAA
  3. Learn the permitted uses and disclosures of PHI under HIPAA

This webinar satisfies HIPAA training requirements for members of an employer’s HIPAA workforce who handle Protected Health Information (PHI) as part of their job duties.

Note: Many employers with fully insured plans (i.e., no health FSAs or HRAs) will have limited obligations under HIPAA.

This webinar should be attended by employers with self-insured plans or those with fully insured plans that create, maintain, or receive PHI under HIPAA.

EST:  2:00 pm  |  CST:  1:00 pm |  MST:  12:00 pm  |  PST:  11:00 am  |  AKST:  10:00 am  |  HST:  8:00 am

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Speaker: Nicole Quinn-Gato

Nicole Quinn-Gato is Senior Counsel at Barrow Weatherhead and Lent where she counsels clients on federal employee benefits laws and regulations, including the Affordable Care Act, ERISA, HIPAA, COBRA, and the Internal Revenue Code.  Nicole has extensive experience in the public and private sectors handling legal and compliance issues, 10 years of which she focused specifically on healthcare-related legal, compliance, and public policy issues.  In addition to her experience in employee benefits, Nicole has experience in employment law, where she previously served in private legal practice and as a compliance manager at a human resources outsourcing agency focusing primarily on the FLSA, ADA, and leave of absence (including FMLA).