Here are three areas HR leaders should be thinking about as they aim to attract talented employees (and keep their existing ones) in 2019.

The stars have aligned for today’s job seekers: unemployment is at historic lows and job openings are plentiful. For millennials in particular, the urge to seek out a new role is strong. Their expectations of the workplace are unlike those of older generations–they want job satisfaction and work/life balance.

If you think millennials’ expectations are high, just wait. “Gen Z are the ones driving the technology that is being used,” Bobbi Kloss, director of Benefit Advisors Network’s Human Capital Management team told attendees at a recent webinar on 2019 HR trends. “These are your AI thinkers, and they want information so much faster, so much more intelligently based. They’re looking for the opportunity to shine. They want that faster career track progression, they want to be that leader within an organization.”

What all this adds up to, said Kloss, is that “at any given time, 50 percent of your workforce may be thinking, I’m not really happy here.”

So what is an employer to do? This is one problem that can’t be… [Read more]

Article by Emily Payne |October 1, 2018|