Performance management is one of the most valuable tools an employer has to increase productivity, reward and recognize employees, and improve their ROI. However, most companies do not have a PM system, and those that do have no idea how to properly use it and/or use it as a punitive tool. Join us for this valuable discussion about performance management, why you absolutely need it and how to develop and facilitate it properly. Union employers … we have you covered as well!

• Why performance management is important and what should you measure
• Legal considerations and common reasons PM systems fail
• What you need to know to facilitate a successful PM system
• Performance Management in a unionized environment – a few things to think about

This webinar has been approved for credit from HRCI and SHRM.

Performance Management in Union and Non-Union Workplaces
Speaker: Darcy Michaud

Darcy Michaud is a dedicated and successful human resource professional, with a career spanning over 20 years. A Master’s graduate from the University of Western Ontario, Darcy also holds his Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) designation. Darcy served as Director of Human Resources for the County of Huron, and also served on multiple municipal and provincial boards in an expert capacity. From there, Darcy acted as the Senior Advisor and Consultant for the largest HR consulting firms in Canada, before using his own expertise to start his own company HRprimed Inc.