Benefits are more complex than ever before, and the technology that supports your benefits package is growing at a rapid pace. HR leaders and benefits professionals alike want to make sure employees are armed with the education & information they need to make open enrollment a breeze. That’s why planning and understanding key concepts within the benefits technology space is so critical. In this webinar, Kelli LeMieux of BTR will walk attendees through the ultimate guide for a successful open enrollment with an emphasis on technology best practices. 
Key areas of discussion will include: 
•    Why benefits technology plays a central role in a successful open enrollment
•    Tips on leveraging these systems as part of an ongoing communication strategy
•    Timelines for implementation and renewal – yes, good tech needs time to set up! 
•    Suggestions for how to be proactive with your tech vendor so data is sent timely to carriers 

EST:  2:00 pm  |  CST:  1:00 pm |  MST:  12:00 pm  |  PST:  11:00 am  |  AKST:  10:00 am  |  HST:  8:00 am

Your Ultimate Guide for A Stress-Free Benefits Technology Deployment

Speaker: Kelli LeMieux

Kelli leads and oversees BTR’s Consulting Division. Her primary focus is bringing new ideas to fruition to solidify BTR’s reputation in the market, and to support overall growth, including change management, within the Consulting team. She has a tremendous depth of knowledge in technology implementations, project management, shared services, leadership, and corporate planning.  Kelli studied at the University of Southern Florida and has spent her 15-year career in the HR Technology industry supporting the needs of both internal and external teams with an emphasis on compassion, establishing herself as a respected leader.