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Why Smart Partners?

Why should I work with a Smart Partner? Because of all of the other Smart Partners!

Not only is your benefit advisor a local business owner, with firsthand knowledge of your regional economy and culture, they are backed by the collective intelligence and market influence of a nation-wide team of Smart Partners. Carefully selected from among the most prestigious and progressive benefit firms in the United States, each member is a recognized expert in their marketplace, with an average of more than 15 years of experience in the field of employee benefits.

A Smart Partner is best equipped to help you control your health care costs.

Your Smart Partner is in a position to help you strategically address the factors driving your health care costs...MORE>>

Smart Partners stay on top of regulatory changes to help you stay compliant.

Your Smart Partner has the tools to get you compliant and keep you up to date as things change...MORE>>

A Smart Partner has the ability to execute the most effective benefit plans.

Your Smart Partner knows the market including: trends, current research, instructive case studies, and leading edge products and services...MORE>>

Smart Partners provide you with specific industry knowledge and expertise.

Your Smart Partner belongs to practice groups that have a direct relationship with national insurance carriers and work together to offer you unique products...MORE>>