Prescription Benefit Plan Management

Our team is here to help you and your employees improve the quality and cost of your pharmacy benefits through Prescription Benefit Plan Management strategies.

Effectively handling the cost and quality of your plan is no easy task, but we can help! Through analytical reporting and expert clinical consulting services, we equip employers with the knowledge they need to manage their prescription plan expenses and benefit offerings. We also routinely evaluate Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) programs and recommend ways for employers to improve their coverage while also reducing overall costs.

We Help You:

  • Assist with negotiating the terms of PBM agreements
  • Identify and evaluate potential impacts of plan changes
  • Enable convenient access to prescriptions at affordable prices
  • Achieve significant savings on annual prescription costs
  • Recommend ways to improve plans
  • Offer expert clinical consulting services

Ashley Inman – Director of Pharmacy 

Ashley Inman
Vice President, Market Development

Ashley Inman, a skilled business development and marketing professional, brings over a decade of experience in the healthcare and tech industries. As VP of Market Development at Truveris, she connects partner networks, benefits brokers, and self-funded employers with the right solutions to improve prescription drug pricing and contract transparency while driving vendor accountability.

Before Truveris, Ashley drove business growth in healthcare analytics, enterprise system consulting, competitive strategy spaces, and leading marketing and strategic client initiatives. With an MBA and undergraduate degree from Babson College, her academic background is in entrepreneurship, management, and strategy. Ashley is based in New York City.

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