​Owen & Associates is pleased to partner with BAN members, and their clients, to help manage all aspects of their global benefits and retirement plans. Our knowledge and expertise are in working with US Employers with operations in Canada. Owen & Associates will work closely with you to determine your strategy and assist you with every step of setting up the plan that is right for your client.

Owen & Associates is an established Employee Benefits and Retirement Plan Consulting Firm with over 35 years of experience in the Canadian and International markets. We focus on developing solutions with clients through a consultative process. We are not affiliated with any insurance company or benefits provider. We act on behalf of the client and as such, our advice is independent and objective.​​

The United Kingdom & International Consulting


BAS is a UK based consultancy that specialize in providing global employee benefits advice to North American based multinationals with operations overseas. We advise on the full spectrum of benefits including retirement plans.

Some of the projects we assist clients with are as follows:

  • Benefits Establishment – Consulting on and co-ordinating benefits for the first time in any global territory
  • International Management – Working closely with clients to manage their global benefits in multiple territories whilst assisting in ensuring compliance, understanding legislation, and maintaining benchmark.
  • Global Audits – Audit and analysis of existing global benefits.
  • Consolidated Plans/ Multinational Pooling – Gaining economies in insurances of scale from the headcounts available to clients.
  • Expatriate Solutions – Consulting on the movement of a client’s people around the world and the benefits implications of the assignments.

The team at BAS operates on a true consultancy basis and welcomes the opportunity to strengthen the BAN firms’ propositions with both existing clients and new prospects. We have extensive experience in dealing with North American based parent companies and assisting in not only solving their issues but also delivering the information in terminology familiar to benefits professionals based in North America.

Lewis Mosley

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