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The 10th Amendment’s Impact on Employee Benefits Today

By Perry Braun - July 12, 2019

Written by Perry Braun, Executive Director, Benefit Advisors Network. Published July 11, 2019 on Maybe, over the next few years, states will have more influence over how your world works. Remember that civics class you had to take in high school? If so, you might recall that the federal government possesses only those powers [Read More]

Workplace Violence

By Bobbi Kloss, BAN Director of Human Capital Management - June 27, 2019

It is not uncommon now to turn on the TV, read online, or receive an alert on a mobile device describing another mass shooting at a place of employment. Just recently, 12 lost their lives at a municipal building in Virginia Beach, Virginia. With the continuing escalation of mass homicidal workplace incidents, employers are turning [Read More]

Dress Codes: Designing, Implementing, and Enforcing.

By Bobbi Kloss, BAN Director of Human Capital Management - May 2, 2019

There was a time, and still suggested today, when it was advised to dress for the position you wanted, not the one you were in. Dress codes were and still are about empowerment―but the question is, whose empowerment? Traditionally, dress code policies were designed to set white collar apart from the blue-collar worker, the executive [Read More]

Stop Misuse of Family Benefits

By Bobbi Kloss, BAN Director of Human Capital Management - March 27, 2019

Written by Stephen Miller, CEBS, including comments from Bobbi Kloss, Benefit Advisors Network Director of Human Capital Management Services. Published on, March 27, 2019. Some workers intentionally abuse family-perk policies, while others are just confused. United Airlines fired more than 35 employees in March for selling travel passes intended for employees’ immediate relatives. Free [Read More]

Employee Benefit Plan Review

By Perry Braun - March 4, 2019

Written by Perry S. Braun, Benefit Advisors Network’s Executive Director. Published in Employee Benefit Plan Review, March/April 2019 issue. What Can Employer Sponsored Benefit Plans Expect from a Divided Federal Government? While much of the focus in 2018 came down to the elections, we now have those results and can begin moving forward. But, with [Read More]

An Update on the DOL’s 2016 Wage Injunction

Written by Bobbi Kloss, Director of Human Capital Management Services, Benefit Advisors Network. Published in Entertainment Human Resource Network, February 2019 edition. Silent but ever present, the Wage and Hour division of the Department of Labor (DOL) has been working its way back to updating the overtime exemptions for the Administrative, Executive and Professional exemptions [Read More]

New Benefit Lets Employees Trade PTO for Student Loan Relief

Written by Steven Miller, CEBS, with insights provided by Bobbi Kloss, BAN Director of Human Capital Management Services. Employers seek creative ways to ease student loan burdens Employers continue to roll out new ways to provide workers with student debt relief. Insurance firm Unum, for instance, announced in January that it will let employees exchange [Read More]

Industry Predictions for the New Year

By Perry Braun - February 4, 2019

Written by Perry Braun, Benefit Advisors Network, and Lisa Allen, Relph Benefits, for America’s Benefit Specialist. The tail end of 2018 saw the majority of the country focused on the mid-term elections, and with good reason. Those results will impact not only the political landscape, but also every business, organization and individual in the U.S. [Read More]