Data Analytics & Benchmarking

Unlock business performance solutions with expert interpretation

Our Data Analytics team is here to help you solve your toughest business problems through expert data interpretation.

We combine clinical, financial, and predictive analyses with innovative technologies and expert data management services to help employers solve even the most complex business problems. Our data-driven solutions help employers mitigate risk, reduce costs, optimize revenue, improve clinical outcomes, and decrease overall medical expenditures for employees.

We Help You:

  • Define key medical and pharmacy cost drivers
  • Identify emerging high-risk populations and individuals in need of health management services
  • Analyze trends and identify areas for benefit design adjustments
  • Quickly recognize paradigm shifts and discover opportunities to reduce risk
  • Access detailed, high-level cost and quality metrics reports

Greg Carlton- Director of Analytics

Greg Carlton
Innovator, Founder, Allied Advisors

Greg Carlton, CLU, ChFC, RHU, ChHC, has served clients for over 35 years using a variety of technologies and by developing integrations and interactions between underwriting processes, wellness and wellbeing teams, subject-matter-experts, advisors, clinicians, and medical directors, to improve health care finance and health risk management outcomes.

Since 2012, Greg has been helping lead the BAN analytics peer group informally, and through his role as Managing Member of Acclaim Health Analytics, LLC, has devoted over 8 years to helping our members obtain the right technology and aggregate over 200,000 lives in analytics platforms to help drive down costs while improving peer-to-peer innovations. Most recently, Greg has been instrumental in helping negotiate contracts for BAN and served on the Alera analytics workgroup that developed the latest Springbuk opportunity.

Now more than 300,000 member lives are aggregated in the various platforms utilized through BAN firms and the analytics peer group is one of the highest-performing and most sought-after groups within BAN.

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