Actuarial & Reinsurance

Forecast risk with our Actuarial team

When a risky situation presents itself in your business, it is important to prepare for the financial impact it could have on your company. The Actuarial team at BAN is here to provide realistic and creative solutions to help business owners prepare for and understand these risks and their forecasted impact. We are excellent puzzle solvers, product builders, and strategy developers who are here to support you in the hard times. We help with rate making, risk analysis, retiree healthcare, stop loss placement support, experience analysis, budget development, feasibility studies, and PBM analysis.

We Help You:

  • Solve real-world business problems
  • Develop strategic business plans and product development models
  • Make logical reinsurance decisions for your business
  • Gain access to a robust network of resources for continued guidance on compliance, underwriting, regulatory analysis and strategy, and regulatory lobbying

Pat Campola – Director of Reinsurance

John Marshall – Director of Actuarial

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