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Workforce Dynamics: Workplace Violence Prevention and Diversity & Inclusion Culture

By Benefit Advisors Network - May 19, 2021

A North American Discussion Strong and robust workplace dynamics policies and processes are often placed secondary to employers’ bottom line. But where this way of operation was once accepted, employers’ priorities are being challenged by a shift in perceptions and attitudes led by a new generation, Gen Z’ers, and their expectation that employers should foster [Read More]

HR for 2022

By Caroline Williams - April 9, 2021

Join Bobbi Kloss for a special webinar on HR for 2022. Bobbi Kloss’s webinar provides current information on… Developing a culture by marketing your business to attract and retain employees; Regulatory HR updates including from the EEOC and the DOL; and HR best practices. Join us to educate yourself on how to maintain your employer [Read More]

Unified Business Strategy – Lower costs, increase employee productivity, and grow your business

By Caroline Williams - April 9, 2021

Don’t miss this webinar by World Synergy to learn the advantages of using a Unified Business Strategy to accelerate your business. We will explore how NetSuite encompasses an entire suite of solutions that can be tailored specifically for your business. From integrating your CRM and eCommerce to inventory and advanced warehouse management, resource planning, Human [Read More]

Employee Engagement Technology: What’s the Real Story?

By Caroline Williams - April 9, 2021

The drive to digital transformation has been supercharged. Employee engagement is on every HR professional’s mind. But what does “employee engagement” really mean, and how does technology help? In this webinar, the experts at BTR will break down employee engagement technologies, how they’re being used in the real market, and what employers should know before [Read More]

Cyber Security – What to do Before and After a Breach

By Caroline Williams - January 21, 2021

Join World Synergy for an exclusive webinar on April 28 that will teach you how to protect your business before a breach, and what to do afterward. With the shift to remote work and the dramatic rise in cyber-threats, businesses need new solutions and expertise to combat hackers and cyber-attacks. We will show you how [Read More]

HR TECHNOLOGY TRENDS: Review of BTR’s 2020 HR Tech Survey

The year 2020 was filled with many ups and downs. One of the positives was BTR’s first-ever HR Technology survey was released! During this webinar, the HR tech experts at BTR will be reviewing the data collected in their mid-market client survey and talk through the key findings. HR professionals will be able to learn [Read More]

Perry Braun Featured in EBN

By Perry Braun - March 4, 2020

“2020 is just another year of chaos,” BAN’s Executive Director, Perry Braun said at the 2020 Workplace Benefits Renaissance conference. “If you want to be in the employee benefits space and advise employees, you should be packaging technology within the benefits framework.” Read the full article from Employee Benefits News here.