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About Benefit Advisors Network

Benefit Advisors Network (BAN), is the premier national, credentialed network of independent benefit advisory & consulting companies. Through best practice sharing, market clout leveraging and shared capital for investments, BAN delivers the power of Smart Partners™ - through industry leading tools, technology and expertise, member firms can deliver optimum results for their employee benefits customers.

Welcome to our website. It is designed to serve many purposes:
  • To provide information to leaders who want to understand how major changes in the political, and economic landscape are driving companies to make dramatic changes to their business. From finance and group health reform to infrastructure modernization, leaders are challenged to implement meaningful changes that improve their competitive cost position, mitigate risk and meet growing compliance and reporting requirements. We help leaders manage the consequences of what is happening today and have eye on the future.

  • To help brokers and their clients understand who we are, who should consider BAN membership, and how to request additional information.

  • To connect our clients with one of our outstanding advisors to assist in solving the business problem.

  • To portray the select firms who proudly associate with other industry leaders through membership in Benefit Advisors Network.