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Events shaping our country today:

  • The #MeToo Movement;
  • Black Lives Matter;
  • The disparate impact of Black and Latino populations affected by COVID-19;
  • Supreme Court decision in BOSTOCK v. CLAYTON COUNTY, GEORGIA recognizing sexual identity within the LGQBT community as a protected sexual discrimination class.

…all bring a reality of the truth that an honest appraisal of diversity and inclusion in the workplace should occur.

Join us for the conversation and the release of our HCM Trends: Catalyst to Conversation – Diversity & Inclusion white paper.

Register for the Webinar

Presented by Andrea Dunn, Michelle Filler, and Bobbi Kloss

Speaker: Andrea Dunn, Michelle Filler, and Bobbi Kloss

Andrea Dunn

Andrea has a master’s degree in Community and Social Development along with a master’s certification in strategic planning and program development. Prior to joining BAN, Andrea worked in the wealth management and investment field for more than 15 years. She is an excellent problem solver and is prepared to tackle even the most complex puzzle for BAN Members and their clients.

When Andrea is not working hard in the office, she can be found enjoying a hike in the great outdoors or listening to music. She also volunteers her time and expertise by designing economic programs or community-based programs to help serve underprivileged children.

Michelle Filler

Michelle’s passion for helping people has kept her in the insurance industry for more than 25 years.  Over the years Michelle has gained knowledge and expertise in various roles within the industry.  Within each position, her primary goal has continued to remain focused on the most empathetic, thorough, and compassionate customer service possible.  Doing an adequate job is just not good enough for Michelle, and she constantly strives for a better, more effective way to provide outstanding service.  In her current role as Director of Client Services, she utilizes her own drive to exceed customer expectations as a guide and model for the level of service provided by the entire CSA team.  Outside of the office, Michelle finds enjoyment baking, volunteering at church and other local organizations, and spending time with family and friends, preferably in the mountains.

Bobbi Kloss

With more than 20 years of Human Resource Generalist & Executive Level HCM Management experience, Bobbi Kloss serves as BAN’s Director of Human Capital Management Services. With a deep understanding of the increasingly complex and diverse HR industry, Bobbi provides her expertise to BAN’s employee benefit brokerage members as well as their employer clients. She oversees all HCM-related functions for the association, initiating pro-active, strategic compliance practices.