This session will provide attendees with an insight into the makeup of the UK market, including social security changes and how it impacts the employee benefits on offer to employees. We will also consider the overlap of employee benefits with employment law, covering ground such as benefits issues during mergers/ acquisitions in the UK.

Following the session, the attendees will have a good understanding of how to manage employee benefits in a compliant fashion in the UK.

EST:  2:00 pm  |  CST:  1:00 pm |  MST:  12:00 pm  |  PST:  11:00 am  |  AKST:  10:00 am  |  HST:  8:00 am

Global Benefits: An Overview of U.K. Benefits

Speaker: Lewis Mosley

Lewis has over 10 years’ experience working within the global employee benefits space, most of which have been spent advising US multinationals on all aspects of their global benefits, from their first foreign hire’s benefits program in a new country to managing 30+ countries with merger & acquisition heritage. Lewis is the lead Global Consultant at Benefits Advisory Services Ltd.