Dear BAN members and friends

I am pleased to announce that HRprimed Inc. has entered into a definitive merger agreement with HR Covered Inc., a leading provider of Human Resources Products and Support based in Ontario, Canada. HR Covered has a proven track record in offering customized solutions to every aspect of HR and H&S document and tools development, online training, and expert HR on-call support.  HR Covered shares our commitment to the integrity of our HR products as well as an aggressive value-based approach to make expert HR affordable for all sizes of companies across Canada.

The merger will create a large team of experienced HR experts who are dedicated to serving the human resources needs of emerging and growth-oriented companies like yours, across the country.

This merger with HR Covered will allow us to offer our clients access to an HR Research and Policy Development Department, as well as their own customer service representative and IT support. The combination of HRprimed’s HR consulting expertise and HR Covered’s impeccable HR services will provide our clients with an end-to-end HR experience. This partnership is also expected to result in greater efficiencies and a significant increase in our market value.

For our BAN members and their clients, nothing changes.  BAN members will still receive all of the expert HR support we currently offer.  In addition, you will have access to greater resources, new consulting, recruiting services, and HR products.

Now part of HR Covered, the focus will always be on customer experience. We assure you that our pricing, product, and support procedures will remain unchanged for now. Existing commitments and pricing remain unchanged and strong. Upon renewal, you may continue on with your existing service and price or select from HR Covered’s core membership options. We are excited about expanding to all the avenues of HR by incorporating some exciting service lines including Recruitment, Payrolling and Consultation. HR Covered is all set to be your One Stop Solution for everything HR.

If you have questions about our upcoming services or need more information on the merger, please feel free to write back to me.


Darcy Michaud

CEO, HRprimed

Managing Director of HR Consulting, HRCovered