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CLEVELAND, OH (9/12/23) – Benefit Advisors Network (BAN), an international network of progressive and visionary employee benefit brokers and consulting firms from across the United States and Canada – has developed a strategic partnership with Truveris, a leading healthcare technology company focused on transforming and reducing pharmacy spend.

Under the terms of the new partnership, Truveris will offer BAN member firms its end-to-end pharmacy solution that uses proprietary technology to achieve the best pharmacy options for each employer client. The Truveris platform replaces traditional PBM procurement and oversight models by creating dynamic bid competition among PBM, enabling a direct comparison of contract terms to achieve price transparency, and providing 100% claims analysis throughout the contract term to verify that the awarded PBM is meeting their commitments outlined in the agreement. BAN members will also receive access to Truveris’ proprietary content, thought leadership, and educational events.

“We are excited to partner with Truveris. Adding them to our list of reputable partners provides our members with an expert who can help them and their employer clients navigate a very complex issue. We are confident our members will derive value out of this important partnership,” says Perry Braun, President & CEO of the Benefit Advisors Network.

Braun continues, “Plan sponsors are experiencing a dramatic rise in pharmacy costs and feel helpless in controlling their pharmacy benefits. Truveris creates PBM pricing transparency through an independent platform that drives competition and reduces pharmacy costs for employers.”

”BAN and Truveris have built our organizations around innovation and collaboration, especially to support the work of employee benefits firms,” says Nanette Oddo, CEO of Truveris. “Rising pharmacy costs, along with a lack of transparency and control, continue to be top priorities for employers and their plan members.  We’re excited to partner with BAN to support their member firms as they seek to provide employer clients with the most cost-effective pharmacy programs to fit their unique member needs.”

BAN will host an introductory call with Truveris for members on September 19. Steve White, Portfolio VP at Truveris, will lead this session. The agenda will provide a detailed overview of Truveris, the solutions available to BAN members, and when and how to access our partners at Truveris.

About Benefit Advisors Network
Founded in 2002, BAN is an exclusive, premier, international network of independent, employee benefit brokerage and consulting companies. BAN delivers industry leading tools, technology, and expertise to member firms so that they can deliver optimum results to their employee benefit customers. BAN intentionally limits membership because of the highly collaborative interactions. For more information, visit: or follow them on LinkedIn.

About Truveris

Truveris is a leading healthcare technology company focused on transforming and reducing pharmacy spend. Truveris has built the only independent, data-led tech platform that creates complete PBM pricing transparency and drives competition to reduce costs for employers. Our solutions replace traditional pharmacy procurement and renewal models for self-insured employers by providing deep insights, comparative procurement, 100% claims analysis, and member engagement solutions. For more information on our solutions, visit