“Employee turnover at all-time highs.” “Lowest unemployment rates in 18 years.”

Discrimination in the Workplace vs. Culture, do these headlines sound familiar? They should, as they have dominated the business news media and the Human Resources forums for the past year. The facts behind these headlines are a reflection of the challenges that all employers are having in their ability to attract and retain employees, including 3.9% unemployment rate; employee turnover 35% times more than previous generations; and compensation and benefits the third most important aspect of what attracts Millennials.

These converging forces of a tight labor market and generational influences has left the challenge of competing for candidates keeping HR up at night. Savvy employers know that they need to change their strategies in order to be considered an employer of choice. The tactic of only offering a competitive compensation and comprehensive benefit package is outdated. The candidates are now driving the interview asking, “Why should I work here?” Employers need to show how they elevate themselves above (or at least equal to) the competition with innovation, teamwork, career progression, holistic wellness and being technology driven. These are the faces of the culture that are[continue reading]

The article above was written by Bobbi Kloss and featured in Los Angeles Advertising Human Resource Professionals and on the Entertainment Human Resources Network

Bobbi Kloss is the Director of Human Capital Management Services for the Benefit Advisors Network, a national network of independent employee benefit brokerage and consulting companies. For more information, please visit: benefitadvisorsnetwork.com or email the author at