Published in Think Advisor, written by Perry Braun, Executive Director of Benefit Advisors Network.

While much of the focus in 2018 came down to the elections, we now have those results and can begin moving forward.

But, with a divided Congress, what will the impact be on the health insurance marketplace, the health care delivery system, the advisors and employers that interact (plan, strategize, implement and execute) with health benefits, and, most importantly, the employees that participate in the employer-sponsored benefit plans?

The Policy Landscape
Following the Kavanaugh hearing Sen. Jeff Flake commented that he would have voted differently regarding the FBI investigation if he was running for re-election. This comment paints a picture that our representatives to Congress are concerned with advancing policies that secure their re-election rather than the well-being of their constituents that they represent. With that backdrop, the status quo will be the likely outcome with regard to the current state of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and America’s group health plans, until… [read more]