As CEO of TIG Advisors in Missouri, Jason is focused on positioning TIG to accomplish our mission to help our clients manage risk and achieve greater success. He is primarily focused on the agency’s strategic leadership and growth, creating a positive impact culture, and expanding our product lines and service offerings.

Status quo health plans have handcuffed employers. Jason passionately helps them chart a new path toward savings, sustainability, and success by engaging transparent partners, ensuring protection through contractual risk management, leveraging actionable health intelligence, and implementing relevant cost-containment solutions. Jason helps employers balance their employee needs with their bottom line by crafting, deploying, and optimizing benefits programs—utilizing the Health Rosetta principles as a guide.

What is your background, and how did you get in the EB business?
I made the leap to EB (from pharmaceutical industry) in 2001. Like most everyone, I never planned to get into this business, but it found me. Or rather, I met my wife and married into our agency. I was (and still am) attracted to the entrepreneurial element of our business, and the never-ending opportunity to solve complex problems for clients.

What are your leadership principles?
Leadership vs Management: Leadership is doing the RIGHT thing and management is doing things right.
My eagle scout days taught me to be prepared–to have a plan. I like to think that my leadership is reflected in our TIG values (Make It Better, Care Deeply, Deliver Meaningful Solutions).

What are you looking forward to achieving as a BAN member?
Collaboration with brightest minds. Sharing of best practices. Building out our laser light show for larger cases (via the resources/solutions BAN has vetted).

How are you advising your clients regarding ongoing inflation, higher interest rates and a shaky economy? Are you concerned about a recession?
We are clients to have a sense of urgency. Health insurance costs are high because health CARE costs are higher. We must aggressively address UNIT costs of care in the coming years. The inflationary impact is real and is rearing its ugly head (example: hospital labor costs soared over the last few years due to the reliance on travel nurses, etc.). Mildly concerned about a recession, but the reality is, whether we are officially labeling our economic state as a recession or not, it doesn’t really matter. Tough sledding ahead.

What is your outlook for your agency in 2024?
We anticipate growth of 12-15% in 2024.

What is this industry’s largest challenge?
Amongst the many challenges—new talent: in this hypercompetitive climate for talent, we must create pathways for success with prospective talent.

What are two lessons that you learned during your career that you can pass along to future leaders in the insurance industry?
1) Meaningful = Hard. If I’ve done something that looks easy–it’s because I got lucky. Very few things that are meaningful are easy. Don’t settle for easy.
2) Refine your communication skills. People buy what is clearer, not necessarily what is best (this applies to YOU too). If you confuse, you’ll lose.

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TIG Advisors is an independent insurance agency with offices in Columbia, Jefferson City, and St. Louis, Missouri. Established in 1898 as Rollins & Rollins, today they are a diverse advisory firm anchored by expertise in Business Insurance, Benefits and Employer Services, and Personal Solutions.

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