Published by SHRM on January 2, 2020, with input from Perry Braun

As a new decade begins, employee-compensation specialists shared their expectations. Below are five trends that pay-watchers predict will gain ground in 2020 and beyond.

No. 1: States will continue to set their own compensation mandates.

On minimum wage and overtime requirements, “more states feel emboldened to establish their own direction and set their own policies that stretch beyond the policies established by the federal government,” said Perry Braun, executive director of the Benefit Advisors Network (BAN), a consortium of health and welfare benefit brokers. “Many states today have wage and labor laws that are richer than federal guidelines,” and more states are likely to follow these trendsetters, Braun said.

This trend will continue no matter which party leads the White House, House of Representatives or Senate after 2020, he predicted. “Governors feel emboldened by the actions of their peers to go beyond the guidance, policies or laws established by the federal government and believe that their local policies are in the best interest of their local citizens.”

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