Written by Bobbi Kloss, Director of Human Capital Management Services, Benefit Advisors Network. Published in Entertainment Human Resource Network, February 2019 edition.

Silent but ever present, the Wage and Hour division of the Department of Labor (DOL) has been working its way back to updating the overtime exemptions for the Administrative, Executive and Professional exemptions otherwise known as White Collar exemptions. These White Collar exemptions set standards by which employees who have met the established standards are exempt from having to be paid time and one half salary for working over 40 hours in a work week. With a weekly earning threshold of $455.00, as one of these requirements to meet the exemption test, which has not been increased since 2004, it is a guessing game as to how much of an adjustment will be made at the salary level. While the DOL had previously issued regulations with an increase to $913 weekly, or $47,476 annually, that ruling was halted… [read more]